How to Survive the last two (to four) weeks of Pregnancy

Today I am 38 weeks pregnant and the memories of this familiar no-man’s land have come flooding back to me from when I was pregnant with Ted. It is the strangest place of limbo – waiting for something hugely significant to happen whilst nothing is actually happening. I feel like Mount Vesuvius – I could erupt at any moment. But when? In the middle of the night in the comfort of my own home with my husband or in the doughnut aisle of Aldi with a toddler eating breadsticks?  The not knowing when and how is almost unbearable, but no matter how annoying it is when someone says “baby will come when it’s ready!” it is absolutely true, and I have to accept that. (I learnt this last time…)

So here are a few ideas of how to cope during this excitingly frustrating and special time:

  • Pretend you’re not even pregnant. Oh this, I just ate a big lunch. What baby?
  • Keep busy! Make lots of plans, don’t put your life on hold waiting for labour to start…. it could be some time.
  • Don’t Google the words ‘stretch’ and/or ‘sweep’. Just don’t do it.
  • Unpack and repack your hospital bag in secret 39 times. It’s the law.
  • Keep active. No one expects you to go to Zumba but a little stroll to the postbox won’t hurt.
  • Be prepared to hear the phrase “not long now!” a lot. Practise a cheerful response. Don’t hurt anyone.
  • Don’t be angry with your birthing ball when you have bounced on it for 3 hours and feel nothing different. It’s not it’s fault.
  • If you give the kitchen a good clean, avoid putting it down to nesting. Chances are the kitchen was just a shit hole and needed sorting out.
  • ALWAYS wear good pants. Just in case.
  • Don’t eat your hospital snacks and then stress out that you no longer have hospital snacks. Step away from the flapjack.
  • Ignore any twinge, ache or pain that graces your tired, swollen body. Unless you are mooing like a cow, you are not in labour.
  • Remind yourself that your due date is basically a lie. Only 4% of babies are actually born on their due date. The rest are just taking the mick.
  • If you go overdue…. it is not sustainable to live off curry and pineapple.


And remember…. good things come to those who wait!

Are you waiting for your baby to arrive? How are you coping? let me know in the comments below! Xx


6 thoughts on “How to Survive the last two (to four) weeks of Pregnancy

  1. haha! 3 and a half weeks left for me. I laughed at the one about hospital snacks, I was just thinking I could do with chocolate, then it occurred to me, the oat bars in my hospital bag have chocolate chips in them. So far, I’ve resisted temptation! x

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